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1992 Season Set Now Available for


Sideline Football

The Cowboys Dynasty Begins!

In 1992, the NFL’s youngest team was also its best team as the Dallas Cowboys, three years removed from a one-win season, returned to glory under the guidance of fourth-year head coach Jimmy Johnson. The Super Bowl champion Cowboys handed the Buffalo Bills their third straight championship game loss in a rout of what had been a highly-anticipated match-up. The flashy Cowboys owned the overall top-ranked defense in the league without a single player on that side of the ball named to the Pro Bowl while on offense, the emergence of The Triplet’s--Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin-- would become the backbone of Dallas’ dynasty through the decade.

Despite not winning their division, Buffalo was once again the cream of the crop in a competitive AFC, where four teams won eleven games. The Bills were armed with some serious firepower with Jim Kelly at the helm, dual-threat Thurman Thomas and Andre Reed. Their path to the Super Bowl was highlighted by the greatest comeback in NFL playoff history after Frank Reich engineered a miraculous rally from a 35-3 second half deficit to Houston. The Bills and 49ers also engaged in a high-octane, regular season shootout that featured no punts. Also in the AFC, Miami’s Dan Marino threw for over 4,000 yards and 24 touchdowns to lead the Dolphins to the AFC East crown and a spot in the AFC championship game while Pittsburgh’s Bill Cowher replaced the legendary Chuck Noll by directing the Steelers to the AFC Central crown in his first year as head coach thanks to nearly 1,700 yards on the ground from Barry Foster.

In the NFC, the San Francisco 49ers won a league-high fourteen games behind the league’s most dynamic offense captained by NFL MVP Steve Young and star receiver Jerry Rice before falling short in the NFC Championship Game. The twelve-win New Orleans Saints finished two games behind the 49ers in the NFC West but thanks to four Pro-Bowl linebackers and a ferocious pass rush, led all of football in scoring defense and sacks. In Philadelphia, Reggie White was still the minister of defense of a ball-hawking crew that punished teams all year en-route to another playoff berth despite the pre-season untimely passing of star Jerome Brown. The NFC East housed not only Dallas and Philly, but a third playoff team, the defending Super Bowl champion Washington Redskins. In the NFC Central, Barry Sanders ran roughshod on the league again but it was the arrival of future legend Brett Favre in Green Bay that had Packers fans looking towards the future. Relive this historic season all over again with Sideline Football and the 1992 set!

A Special Thank You to Chad Mercer for Writing Up the 1992 Season Summary

1992 Season Set:  $14.95

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1983 Season Set Now Available for

Sideline Football

The 1983 Season is known, historically, as the year the NFL changed with the tremendous quarterback draft class of 1983.  John Elway, Todd Blackledge, Jim Kelly, Tony Eason, Ken O'Brien and Dan Marino (actual order of QBs drafted) stormed the league and by the end of the season, it was clear they were going to be the new Sheriffs in town.  Elway, Kelly and Marino all went on to Hall of Fame careers.  The 1983 draft also included Eric Dickerson who won Offensive Rookie of the Year and went on to a HOF career.  Bruce Matthews, Darrell Green and Richard Dent (drafted in the 8th round) were draftees who went on to HOF careers as well.  The Season itself was tremendous as the Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys battled it out all year in the NFC East.  The NFC Central was razor thin as four teams finished in a game of each other for first place and a playoff berth.  The San Francisco 49ers kept building their dynasty and eventually lost to the Redskins in the NFC Championship Game.  The Los Angeles Raiders and Miami Dolphins were the class of the AFC which also featured a tremendous Wild Card race.  One Wild Card team, the Seattle Seahawks had a great playoff and lost to the Raiders in the AFC Championship Game.  The Redskins looked like the favorite in Super Bowl XVIII and were poised to win a 2nd Lombardi Trophy in a row but were dominated by the Los Angeles Raiders 38-9.  Relive this historic season with Sideline Football and the 1983 Season Set!

1983 Season Set:  $14.95

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1998 Season Set Now Available for

Sideline Football

The 1998 NFL Season is memorable for a plethora of reasons.  John Elway guided the Denver Broncos to back-to-back Super Bowl wins and rode of in the sunset.  Terrell Davis topped the 2,000 yard mark for the Broncos and they easily were the class of the AFC.  A record offense for the Vikings and the Dirty Birds in Atlanta were the talk of the NFC.  Those teams met in the NFC Championship game.  The game is a classic as the Falcons beat the Vikings in OT to go to their first Super Bowl.  The Vikings were overwhelming favorites and the Falcons were able to stand toe-to-toe with them.  Gary Anderson, who didn't miss a Field Goal Attempt the entire season, picked a poor time to miss his first as it would have won the game for the Vikings.  But, the Falcons won in OT and were easy prey for the Denver Broncos.  Relive it all with Sideline Football and the 1998 Season Set.

1998 Season Set:  $14.95

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2016 Season Set Now Available for

Dugout Steps Baseball

The 2016 MLB Season featured many of the same teams in the playoffs as the 2015 MLB Season.  The Chicago Cubs proved to be the best team in all of baseball with an outstanding pitching rotation and defense.  In the National League, the New York Mets returned as a Wild Card team and so did the San Francisco Giants, who are always dangerous with Bruce Bochy at the helm in an even numbered year.  The Los Angeles Dodger won the NL West again and Dusty Baker got the Washington Nationals back on track behind Daniel Murphy and power throughout the lineup.  The Texas Rangers were the class of the American League.  The Toronto Blue Jays and Baltimore Orioles were the Wild Card teams and the Cleveland Indians and Boston Red Sox won the AL Central and the AL East.  Home Runs were up as eight players hit at least 40 Home Runs with Mark Trumbo leading the way with 47.  D.J. LeMahieu edged out Daniel Murphy for the NL Batting Crown .348 to .347 and Jose Altuve paced the AL at a .338.  Rick Porcello had 22 Wins to lead the AL and J.A. Happ had 20.  Max Scherzer led the NL with 20.  Kyle Hendricks led all of baseball with a 2.13 ERA for the Cubs.    With the postseason underway, there are many story lines yet to be written.  Write them all with Dugout Steps Baseball and the 2016 Season Set.

2016 Season Set:  $14.95

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1970 Season Set Now Available for

Sideline Football

In 1970, the NFL and the AFL merged into one league creating the structure of the sport that people would know and love over the next several decades.  The merger forced a realignment of Conferences and Divisions.  The Baltimore Colts, Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers joined the 10 merging AFL teams and formed the American Football Conference while the remaining NFL teams formed the National Football Conference. Each Conference had an East, Central and West Division.  The playoffs changed in 1970 as well.  Eight teams, four from each Conference now qualified for the playoffs with the three Division winners and one Wild Card team rounded out the field.  Astro Turf was a growing phenomena in the league as seven teams now played on turf.  Perhaps the biggest impact remaining from the 1970 season was the berth of Roone Arledge's Monday Night Football on ABC.  Monday Night Football would take the NFL into homes on a weekly basis with a prime time, week night edition.  The Cleveland Browns defeated the New York Jets in the first ever Monday night match up.  Things were changing on the field as well as the Oakland Raiders, Pittsburgh Steelers, Miami Dolphins and the Minnesota Vikings began to emerge as the strength of the league along with the Dallas Cowboys.  Minnesota's Purple People Eaters devoured rival offenses.  John Brodie led the league in nearly every passing category.  Larry Brown led the league in rushing while Dick Gordon led the league in receptions and the 49ers' Gene Washington led the league in receiving yards.  The Baltimore Colts narrowly edged out the Cowboys in Super Bowl V as Earl Morrall came off the bench again to lead the Colts to a win.  Relive it all with Sideline Football and the 1970 Season Set.

1970 Season Set:  $14.95

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1958 Season Set Now Available for

Sideline Football

Most people remember the 1958 NFL Season for the amazing sudden death overtime championship game between the Baltimore Colts and the New York Giants.  Before the Giants could face the Colts for the NFL Championship, they had to defeat the Cleveland Browns in a tie breaker game.  Before that, however, the Giants had to beat the Browns on the final Sunday of the season as the Browns were 9-2 and the Giants were 8-3.  At the end of the 4th quarter, Giants kicker Pat Summerall hit a 48 yard field goal in Yankee Stadium to give the Giants the win and force the tie breaker.  The Championship Game overtime thriller featured 12 future Hall of Fame Players.  Alan Ameche plunged through the Giants line on a 1 yard TD run to give the Colts the sudden death win.  Jim Brown ran away with all of the awards as he ran for 1527 yards in 12 games.  Johnny Unitas led the league in Passer Rating at 90.0 while Billy Wade led the league in passing with 2875 yards.  Raymond Berry hauled in 56 passes to lead the league and Del Shofner totaled 1097 yards receiving.  This set is full of great names like Norm Van Brocklin, Johnny Unitas, Raymond Berry, Night Train Lane, Jim Brown, Y.A. Tittle and many, many others.  Relive the 1958 NFL Season with Sideline Football and the 1958 Season Set.

1958 Season Set:  $12.95

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1966 Season Set Now Available for

Sideline Football

The 1966 NFL and AFL Season Sets.  The Super Bowl era begins even though it was called the AFL-NFL World Championship Game.  The Atlanta Falcons joined the NFL and the Miami Dolphins joined the AFL, necessitating the addition of bye weeks.   The AFL and NFL started merger talks during 1966 setting the stage for the AFL-NFL World Championship Game where the Green Bay Packers easily dominated the Kansas City Chiefs.  The names in this set are legendary.  Bart Starr, Johnny Unitas, Gale Sayers, Sonny Jurgensen, Don Meredith, Leroy Kelly, Ray Nitchske, Dick Butkus Deacon Jones, Len Dawson, Jim Nance and many, many others.  Only the best teams made the post seasons as the Division winners played in the League Championship Game.  The Packers beat the Cowboys in the NFL and the Chiefs beat the Bills.  The legend of Vince Lombardi, Bart Starr, the Packer sweep and a stiff defense grew as they were the class of the NFL.  Hank Stram had Len Dawson to pilot his ship along with a big time offense and a sturdy defense.  The match ups are great and the names are etched in the lore and history of Professional Football.  Relive it all with the 1966 Season Set.

1966 Season Set:  $14.95

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1981 Season Set Now Available for

Sideline Football

The 49er Dynasty begins.  The 49ers had the best record in the NFL and earned a berth to Super Bowl 16 when Joe Montana hit Dwight Clark in the back of the end zone to beat the Dallas Cowboys and The Catch would forever remain an immortal moment.  The Cincinnati Bengals beat the San Diego Chargers to earn the Super Bowl berth in unbelievably frigid conditions.  Earlier in the playoffs the Chargers outlasted the Miami Dolphins in an iconic playoff thriller.  The 49ers beat the Bengals in a very good Super Bowl 16, the first of four for Joe Montana.  Ken Anderson won the NFL MVP Award in 1981 and Rookie Lawrence Taylor hit the scene with a memorable rookie campaign.  The New York Sack Exchange thrilled the fans at Shea Stadium as Joe Klecko and Mark Gastineau demolished offensive lines and quarterbacks.  Dan Fouts led the league in passing with 4802 yards while rookie George Rogers led the NFL in rushing with 1674.  Kellen Winslow caught 88 passes to lead the league.  Relive it all with Sideline Football and the 1981 Season Set!

1981 Season Set:  $14.95

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1977 Season Set Now Available for

Sideline Football

The Dallas Cowboys ruled the NFC behind Roger Staubach and NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year Tony Dorsett.  Orange Crush fueled the Denver Broncos and their Mile High fans.  The Denver defense led them to the Super Bowl where they were defeated by a strong and steady Cowboys team.  Walter Payton ran wild for the Bears and Joe Ferguson led the NFL in passing yards with only 2,803.  Many things would change after the 1977 season as the NFL would move to a 16 game schedule in 1978 and institute rules to open up the passing game.  The 1977 NFL Season would be the end of an era as the 14 game schedule would go away as well as the old 3 yards and a cloud of dust.  Relive it all with Sideline Football and the 1977 Season Set.

1977 Season Set:  $14.95

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1973 Season Set Now Available for

Sideline Football

The Dolphins repeat as Super Bowl champions, O.J. runs wild and the NFL may never have been better than these glory years!  The Dolphins may have been undefeated in 1972 but Miami may have actually had a better team in '73 with a bevy of All-Pro Players.  O.J. topped the 2,000 yard mark in a 14 game schedule.  Roman Gabriel of the Eagles led the league in passing yards and Harold Charmichael led in receptions and receiving yards.  Go 3 yards and a could of dust with this Season Set!

1973 Season Set:  $14.95




Player Card and Ballpark Card Examples.  Images Not Included but can be added after purchase by end user.



Whether the action is on the gridiron, ice, court or diamond, each sport comes to life as the players and individual match-ups decide the outcome of every game.  Every time a Quarterback throws a pinpoint pass, a Goalie stands on his head, a dominating Center throws down a power dunk or a pitcher shuts down an opposing lineup, the picture will be painted in front of you as though you were living the experience from the sideline, rinkside, courtside or on the dugout steps.

This picture comes into focus through an intuitive game design that translates true life athletic action into realistic play results on your tabletop.  No matter the sport, games are won and lost because athletes make plays or fail admirably in the attempt.  You will shake your head every time you call the perfect pass play but your receiver drops the ball or a defender tips the ball away at the last second!  You will groan every time a beauty of a goal is stolen from you when a Goalie makes a big save giving his team a burst of momentum!  You will smile when your athletic forward slices his way to the rim and dunks the ball over a Center the height of a redwood tree!  You will breathe a sigh of relief when your center fielder races toward the gap and makes an outstanding sliding catch to take away an extra-base hit!

As these images and games come to life, feeding your imagination through each ordinary, big or spectacular play, you will truly . . .



FTP Sports Games Selection

SIDELINE FOOTBALL - a full simulation of the game of football.  Players block, pass, run, tackle and kick just like in real life.  Tons of Offensive and Defensive options available including Offensive and Defensive Coordinators.  Historical and Projection Seasons available for Professional Football.  A Projection Season is available for College Football.

RINKSIDE HOCKEY - a full simulation of the game of hockey.  Players skate, stick handle, pass, hit, fight and save pucks just like in real life.  A fast-paced game involving all 3 Zones: Offensive, Neutral and Defensive.  Seamless game flow built around Offensive and Defensive strategies as well as how aggressive a team is in taking the body.  Momentum plays a factor and a chippiness meter monitors the rough stuff on the ice. Historical Seasons will be available.

COURTSIDE BASKETBALL - a full simulation of the game of basketball.  Players pass, shoot, rebound, block shots and play defense just like in real life.  A flowing game built around Offensive strategies including pace of play, choosing to work the ball inside or focusing on perimeter play.  Pick & Roll is involved as well as a player's ability to create offense for teammates.  Both Team and Individual Defense is involved in every play; a simple but detailed rebounding system that includes put-back dunks, tip-ins and triggers that lead to Transition or Fast-Break Offense.  Momentum and Physical Play are factored in.  Historical Seasons will be available.

DUGOUT STEPS BASEBALL - a full simulation of the game of baseball.  A highly detailed Pitcher-Batter interaction that seamlessly involves Fielding and Park Factors.  Pitchers, on any given day, can have great Stuff or be Ineffective.  The quality of a defense shows through by turning hits into outs or allowing outs to become hits.  Each batted ball takes into account hit location that easily integrates the range of a fielder.  An easy yet detailed baserunning model that combines hit location, base runner ability and the arm strength of the fielder. 


FTP Sports Games Features

  • Detailed yet simple game play


  • A double-sided Play Result Card Deck which combines with a GAME CENTER Chart that dictates what Individual Player Actions are used to arrive at a play result.  Supplemental Charts are used as well.


  • A Computer Driven System that automates game play with a Macro-Enabled GAME CENTER Excel file that is easy to learn and follow.  It is an exact replica of the board game.


  • Fully Customizable Player Cards.  Each Season you purchase is delivered to you digitally in Excel File Format.  This way you can customize the players as you desire.  You can add player nicknames, team colors or even a logo or other image to each player card.  In SIDELINE FOOTBALL, for example, you an cut and paste individual cards into a Team Sheet if you choose.  For each sport, you print only the players you choose.

  • Season Replays are a Focus of FTP Sports Games.  Each Season purchased contains that season's schedule.  Each Season also contains a Statistics Folder that provides a LEAGUE REGISTER for Team Statistics and an INDIVIDUAL REGISTER for Individual Player Statistics.  These are linked to a TEAM STAT BOOK for every team in the league.  The Computer GAME CENTER keeps track of the statistical results you assign to each player.  At the end of each game, those statistics are easily moved to a TEAM STAT BOOK which then links to the LEAGUE and INDIVIDUAL REGISTERS.  This provides texture to your Seasonal Replays as the story lines develop around who is playing well and who is under-performing.

  • Draft Leagues are a Focus of FTP Sports Games.  Within each Season and Team available, every player has his own individual card that Leagues can draft and assign to individual teams.

Example Images From SIDELINE FOOTBALL *Some items have been customized - this feature available after digital delivery.  All images shown are property of the individuals and websites they were loaded from and are intended for individual use.

Example Images from SIDELINE FOOTBALL  *Some items have been customized - this feature available after digital delivery.  All images shown are property of the individuals and websites they were loaded from and are intended for individual use.

Example Images from SIDELINE FOOTBALL  *Some items have been customized - this feature available after digital delivery.  All images shown are property of the individuals and websites they were loaded from and are intended for individual use.

Example Images from SIDELINE FOOTBALL  *Some items have been customized - this feature available after digital delivery.  All images shown are property of the individuals and websites they were loaded from and are intended for individual use.


SIDELINE FOOTBALL Statistics Page Screenshot