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NHL:  1950-51, 1961-62, 1963-64, 1964-65, 1965-66, 1966-67, 1967-68, 1968-69, 1970-71, 1972-73, 1973-74, 1974-75, 1976-77, 1979-80, 1981-82,    1983-84, 1985-86, 1988-89, 1990-91, 1992-93, 1995-96, 1996-97, 1997-98, 2000-01, 2005-06, 2012-13, 2013-14, 2014-15, 2015-16 and 2016-17

1978-79 WHA

2000-01 WCHL

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Tabletop Version GAME CENTER Chart

RINKSIDE HOCKEY focuses on all three zones of hockey play:  Offensive Zone, Neutral Zone and Defensive Zone.  Each zone is equally important and the strategies you choose and the on-ice actions of the players will determine success or failure in each of the zones.  Will you play a high-pressure/high-intensity game, sending 2 or 3 Forecheckers into the zone, or will you drop back and allow the opposition to easily break out of the zone but face neutral zone pressure?  Will you place emphasis on hitting hard and taking the body, at the expense of more penalties being called, or will you lay off of the hitting making sure you don't have to kill off so many penalties?  All of these decisions are important in RINKSIDE HOCKEY!

RINKSIDE HOCKEY also features all of the action that takes place after the whistle.  Scrums will increase the intensity of the game.  Agitators will try and get under the skin of an opponent to draw a penalty or goad him into a fight.  And all of this will determine just how hot the action gets.  A Chippiness Meter keeps track of all of this and, as it fills up, a greater chance exists for a fight.  Momentum also plays an important role in RINKSIDE HOCKEY.  As teams hit, fight, score goals, kill off penalties and make great saves, Momentum is either gained or lost which becomes important throughout the game. 

RINKSIDE HOCKEY includes highly detailed Game Instructions.  Support is also available through the FTP Sports Games Delphi Forum and questions emailed to ftpsportsgames@gmail.com will be answered as quickly as possible. 




In RINKSIDE HOCKEY each Skater has 32 different ratings and each Goalie has 28 different ratings.  This truly brings each player to life!  After playing the game, you will see that a trademark of RINKSIDE HOCKEY is how seamless each of these ratings work together with the game engine to provide fast and furious action on the ice.  Nearly all of the results come right off of the player cards themselves and there are minimal chart lookups.


There are 2 ways to play RINKSIDE HOCKEY:

BOARD GAME - A double-sided deck of Play Result Cards combines with a few Game Charts to drive the game play.  Nearly all results come from the Play Result Cards and Individual Player Cards.  RINKSIDE HOCKEY contains everything needed to play the game.

See RINKSIDE HOCKEY Play Result Card Diagram here:  DIAGRAM

Computer Game Center Screenshot

EXCEL COMPUTER GAME CENTER - A Macro-Enabled Excel file that automates all of the functions of RINKSIDE HOCKEY and replaces the Play Result Cards and Game Charts.  When playing with the Computer Game Center, the action is even faster as you quickly glance between the computer screen and the Individual Player Cards.


  • Any player on the ice can block a shot

  • Screened and Deflected/Tipped goals are included

  • Hits and Big Hits add flavor to the game

  • 3 Forecheck Strategies

  • 3 Hitting Strategies

  • Several Offensive Zone moves including Give and Go's and intentional wide shots

  • Net Scrambles add tons of excitement!!

  • Goalies play the puck and can even pick out a player for a head man rush

  • The Breakout and Forecheck are integral to the game

  • Posts and Crossbars can be hit at any time

  • Auxiliary Plays add flavor to the game

  • Optional Goal Descriptions provide insight into how the shot was made and how the goalie reacted

  • Blueliners must choose when to activate and jump up into the play

  • Bobby Orr move where a D-Man tries to initiate a 1-man rush

  • Goalies have different styles including: Hybrid, Butterfly and Standup

  • The Neutral Zone Play is designed like a Stop Light: Red - Defense is set up effectively and it may be best to just Dump the puck in and Chase it down. Yellow - play slows down and matchups develop in the Neutral Zone. Green - the offense moves freely through the Neutral Zone. All of this is influenced by strategy.

Fire Up the Hockey Night in Canada theme on youtube because you're gonna love this action!!!


Digital Download contains all parts needed to play the game and are sent in a zipped folder containing PDF files and some Excel files.  Contains 2 Sample Teams:  Boston and Chicago from the 2012-13 Season.    RINKSIDE HOCKEY$9.95


Each Season Set includes every skater and goalie appearing during the season.  Each set also includes a Statistics Sweet including a League Main Page, Team Statistics Page, Individual Skaters Page and the Goalie Page.  The League Schedule for each season is also included.

1950-51     RSH-H-1950-51            $9.95

1961-62     RSH-H-1961-62            $9.95

1963-64     RSH-H-1963-64            $9.95

1964-65     RSH-H-1964-65            $9.95

1965-66     RSH-H-1965-66            $9.95

1966-67     RSH-H-1966-67            $9.95

1967-68     RSH-H-1967-68            $11.95

1968-69     RSH-H-1968-69            $11.95

1970-71     RSH-H-1970-71            $11.95

1973-74     RSH-H-1973-74            $11.95

1974-75     RSH-H-1974-75            $11.95

1976-77     RSH-H-1976-77            $11.95

1979-80     RSH-H-1979-80            $11.95

1981-82     RSH-H-1981-82            $13.95

1983-84    RSH-H-1983-84             $13.95

1985-86    RSH-H-1985-86             $13.95

1990-91    RSH-H-1990-91             $14.95

1992-93    RSH-H-1992-93             $14.95

1995-96   RSH-H-1995-96              $14.95

1997-98    RSH-H-1997-98             $14.95

2012-13    RSH-H-2012-13             $14.95

2013-14    RSH-H-2013-14             $14.95

2014-15    RSH-H-2014-15             $14.95

2015-16    RSH-H-2015-16             $14.95

RINKSIDE HOCKEY is sold separate from Individual Seasons and must be purchased to receive the game parts and Computer Game Center - but only needs to be purchased the first time.

To use the Computer Game Center and the Statistics Suite, you must be able to open .xlsx Excel files.

After Purchase you will be sent an email containing the links for the digital downloads of the products you ordered.  The links contain a zipped folder with PDF files and Excel files included.